April 2015

Align Online Catalog Grows to 1,000+ Items

April 16, 2015

Airfloat parent company Align Production Systems says that its online product catalog has grown in recent months to include 19 product families and over 1,000 individual items (including options and spare parts). Recent additions include Safebilt hydraulic scissor lifts and dock lifts, Axial air bearing turntables with optional container tilts, and Safebilt pneumatic column lifts. […]

Air-Bearing Turntable Endures 28-year Torture Test

April 13, 2015

A heavy-duty turntable equipped with Airfloat air bearings is still going strong after 28 grueling years of operation. Located in Roanoke, W.V., the turntable was built in 1987 by Ingersoll-Rand with design input from Airfloat. The turntable is used to rotate 18-ton, 5’ x 5’ x 5’ stone blocks to facilitate the drilling of holes […]

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