Lean Manufacturing

As the most flexible, reliable and simplest form of movement, air bearing technology makes lean possible for heavy loads.

One of Airfloats lean manufacturing solutions is the Airfloat Rail Car Transporter.

A custom Airfloat transporter used in the manufacture of passenger rail cars.

Intuitive Lean Manufacturing Solutions

Airfloat designs and builds material handling and manufacturing solutions for market leaders around the world. We excel at keeping your operations lean and responsive. And with Airfloat’s air film (or “air caster”) technology, we are able to provide omnidirectional movement, which is highly mobile and versatile.

The efficiency, automation and ergonomics derived from Airfloat’s air bearing systems are a key component in establishing a Lean enterprise. What’s more, our systems are tailored with your specific use in mind, ensuring maximum performance and functionality.

Air Bearing-Enabled Lean Manufacturing Solutions

As an end-to-end solution provider, our custom-designed Lean manufacturing solutions cover every movement challenge in your operation. Our tools, from air skids, platforms and powered tuggers to industrial turntables and pneumatic lift tables:

When utilizing air bearing technology, the breadth and depth of solutions can come in a variety of movements. From moving heavy loads to providing ergonomic lifting solutions to streamlining the movement of your production lines, Airfloat can design a solution that meets your biggest challenge to keep your business moving.

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