Mold and Die Changing

Reduce dangerous, time consuming mold and die changes to a 15-minute, hands-off operation

Airfloat Mold Quick-Change System

Graphic illustrates a typical side-by-side Airfloat mold-changer. Positioned at a press with a mold change in progress, the machine is shown docked and retracting a mold from the press.

Mold Changes are a costly and timely procedure.  Learn how Airfloat uses Air Caster technology to make them more efficient.

Danger lurks in modern machine handling. With heavier molds and dies being used, transporting, storing and changing them becomes costly and dangerous. To accommodate the needs of transporting and changing molds, Airfloat has introduced its new Quick Mold-Change System.

With Airfloat, the usual one- or two-hour change is quickly reduced to 15-20 minutes. With our ergonomic benefits applied to the equipment, the handling allows “hands-off” operation.

How Does It Work?

The Airfloat Quick Mold-Change System transmits the mold or die to the press, then inserts it automatically without the use of an overhead crane or forklift truck. A typical Airfloat changer has two side-by-side positions that can transport two molds or dies. Once the change is complete, the mold/die can be moved off the line and stored in a remote location or taken to the tool room for maintenance.

With an Airfloat Quick Mold Changer, the usual one- or two-hour change is quickly reduced to 15-20 minutes.”

The Airfloat Quick Mold-Change System can be used with a multitude of press sizes, as the unit is supplied with variable transfer heights. In addition, Airfloat offers the options of manual or automated controls.

The Quick Mold-Change System is uniquely versatile in that it can be used with mold storage, pre-stage, preheat and racks. It can also be configured to change from operator or non-operator sides.

To learn more about this application and how an Airfloat customer used it to reduce their mold change time from 2 hours to 10 minutes, read our case study here.

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