Rigger Box

Turnkey Air Skid Solution The Air Caster Rigger Box is the ideal product for anyone needing an Air Skid solution […]

airfloat air bearing, air caster

Air Casters

Airfloat Air Casters have a reputation for quality. Our air casters utilize a 100% urethane diaphragm with superior wear resistance.

Air Platform

Air Platforms

Simplify your process of moving heavy loads with the safe, powerful and proven technology of Air Platforms.

Airfloat air skid

Air Caster Skids

Airfloat Air Skid systems allow for the safe, nearly frictionless movement of large loads or machinery. Air skids come in […]

industrial turntable

Industrial Turntables

Learn more about pneumatic turntables that utilize air caster technology for precision and safety.

Airfloat Paper Roll Transporter

Roll Transporters

Roll transporters equipped with air caster technology offer the safest, most affordable and most powerful solution for paper roll handling.

Airfloat Lift Glide

Lift Glide Air Skids

Break free from the limitations of your dollies and carts without a significant  investment with Airfloat Lift Glide Air Skids.

Pneumatic scissor lift table

Pneumatic Lift Table

Learn Why Airfloat Pneumatic Lift Tables are the best way to lift, tilt, and rotate heavy equipment. 

power tugger

Power Tugger

Learn more about our Power Tuggers, which enable a single operator to easily move loads in excess of 150,000 pounds.

air pallet jack

Pneumatic Pallet Jack

Learn how to invest in worker safety and productivity with an Airfloat pneumatic pallet jack.

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