Air Platforms

Move Heavy Loads Easily on a Thin Film of Air with a Few Pounds of Force. Standard and Custom Air Platforms Offer Cushioned, Near Frictionless Movement.

Air Platform

Simplify your process of moving heavy loads with the safe, powerful and proven technology of Air Platforms.

Air Platforms: Powerful Solution for Moving Heavy Loads

Utilizing our reliable air caster technology, Air Platforms allow one person, applying just a few pounds of force, to efficiently move pallets or any large, heavy load.

Supported by four air casters that float on a cushion of plant-supplied air, Air Platforms provide nearly friction-free movement in any direction for maximum flexibility—even with extremely high capacity loads. Plus, the low initial cost delivers a quick ROI while the proven durability of air bearings decreases ongoing maintenance costs.

Custom Air Platform Options

More than 40 years of material handling experience has given Airfloat the insight necessary to design custom Air Platform solutions to streamline your operations and enhance employee safety. From moving heavy equipment in the crane bay to transporting replenishment parts in assembly lines, our custom-designed Air Platforms serve as a heavy load solution that delivers:

In addition to customized solutions, Airfloat engineers have also developed two standard Air Platform options:

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