Lift Glide Air Skids

Lower costs and enhance safety by meeting load movement challenges head-on with easily integrated Lift Glide Air Skids.

Break free from the limitations of your dollies and carts without a significant capital investment. Airfloat’s completely redesigned Lift Glide Air Skids can easily be retrofitted to existing wheeled units or designed into new equipment, allowing you to utilize existing equipment to move loads over long distances. Then, when greater maneuverability is needed or the load weight becomes too heavy to push, the air casters can be engaged.

How Lift Glide Air Skids Work

Lift Glide Diagram

Compression Springs keep the air skids retracted off the floor When pressurized, the air skid extends down to lift wheels off the floor Air is turned on to the air casters to allow for near friction-free movement

Airfloat Lift Glide in Action

How a Airfloat Lift Glide works

How Airfloat Air Caster Lift Glide Work


Demo of Multi position air caster turntable

Redesigned Airfloat Air Caster Lift Glide


other options to Lift Glide

Airfloat Lift Glide in Aerospace Assembly


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Integrate Air Skids with Existing Equipment

Supported by four air casters that float on a cushion of plant-supplied air, these air skids lift the dolly frame completely off the floor for easy positioning, movement and alignment. This retractable air bearing solution is:

  • Configurable – Easily attach to existing wheeled dollies or fixtures. Simply bolt them on and connect the air hoses.
  • Simple – Turn on the air, and the Lift Glides extend down to lift the wheels off the floor. Now the dolly or fixture can be easily moved in any horizontal direction.
  • 10 X More Powerful – Move 1,000 lbs. with only 1 lb. of force. That’s 10 X more powerful than wheels or rollers.
  • Flexible – Keep the full advantages of wheeled movement for towing long distances or for moving unloaded.

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