Power Tugger

Leverage the robust, proven technology of Powered Tuggers to allow one person to safely move even the heaviest load precisely and efficiently.

power tugger

Learn more about our Power Tuggers, which enable a single operator to easily move loads in excess of 150,000 pounds.

Power Tuggers Maximize Power and Safety

Working in conjunction with Air Platforms, Power Tuggers enable one person to easily and precisely move unrestrained loads up to 150,000 pounds. Utilizing the same cushion of plant-supplied air as your Air Platform, Power Tuggers deliver full 180° steering and moving forces through forward and reverse twist grip controls and a “deadman” on/off control for maximum safety. See Specifications.

Customized Options for Your Motorized Tugger

Airfloat tugger attachmentIf you’re searching for a motorized tugger, you’ll also value:

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U-Platform Air Pallet

U-Platform Air Pallet

This low-profile, general purpose air platform is typically used for manual movement of container and pallet-sized loads at workstations or for omnidirectional positioning of loads for machine loading and assembly operations. Suitable for loads up to 12,000 pounds, the U-Platform is equipped with four air bearings connected by internal pneumatic plumbing to an on/off valve.

L-Platform and XL-Platform Air Pallets

L-Platform and XL-Platform Air Pallets

Suitable for loads up to 150,000 pounds, the L and XL Series Air Platforms are heavy-duty, welded steel structures that can be equipped with powered drives, guide wheels, and pendant controls. These highly mobile air bearing-equipped platforms are efficient options for assembly lines, crane bay transfer and random movement of any heavy load.

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