Rigger Box

The Perfect Turnkey Solution for Any Air Caster Powered Move. The Perfect Product for Riggers Everywhere.

Turnkey Air Skid Solution

The Air Caster Rigger Box is the ideal product for anyone needing an Air Skid solution containing everything needed for operation, including spare parts.

Easy to pack and unpack, the Rigger Box was designed for quick setup and operation, and is easy to transportable thanks to the 5′ x 2′ Knaack Box with forklift pockets.

What’s In The Box?

Contained in a Steel Knaack Box painted in our signature Airfloat Red, the Rigger Box includes:

Which Box Should I Order?

Available in 3 different sizes, the Rigger Box can be used for moving heavy objects weighing up to 52,500 lbs. To view all the options available for the Rigger Box, please visit our catalog

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