Roll Transporters

Minimize roll damage and simplify positioning – even in tight space – through safe and affordable roll transporters with air caster technology.

Airfloat Paper Roll Transporter

Roll transporters equipped with air caster technology offer the safest, most affordable and most powerful solution for paper roll handling.

Customized to fit practically any roll, our Roll Transporters:

Airfloat roll handling solution

Enhance Quality, Simplify Handling

Supported by air casters that float on a cushion of plant-supplied air, our roll transporters allow one person to efficiently move any large, heavy load with minimal force. More than 40 years of material handling experience has given Airfloat the insight necessary to design custom roll handling solutions to streamline your operations and enhance employee safety.

Two Models from which to Choose:

Adjustable Carrier Forks

Adjustable Carrier Forks

Allows a single worker to move rolls up to 5,000 lbs. Adjustable carrier forks gently cradle the paper roll. Able to pick up rolls right off the floor.

Fixed Base

Fixed Base

Operates in limited space -- goes where forklifts can't. Precisely position the largest, heaviest rolls. Reduce the chance of worker injury and product damage.

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