Air Caster Skids

Easily move and position virtually any heavy load on a film of continuously flowing air. Our air skates offer 360° of safe, nearly friction-free movement.

Airfloat Air Skid systems allow for the safe, nearly frictionless movement of large loads or machinery.Air skids come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are durable, lightweight and built for years of trouble-free operation. Airfloat systems are designed to compete – on price and performance – with systems and solutions that are far less flexible, including heavy duty casters and rollers.

Supported by air casters that float on a cushion of plant-supplied air, air skids:

Lower Drag Forces and Less Air Consumption

Despite what our competitors would have you believe, not all air skid systems are created equal. Airfloat utilizes a 100% urethane diaphragm material with superior wear resistance unlike the neoprene or urethane-coated fabrics used by other manufacturers. When pressurized the diaphragm will stretch uniformly and closely follow the contours of the floor, maintaining a consistent air film. This is evident with lower drag forces and less air consumption.

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Slide-Out Air Bearing Diaphragms

Airfloat air caster diaphragms are mounted onto slide-out steel trays. This allows the diaphragms to be removed for inspection or replacement without lifting, inverting or removing the load from the air skid.

Revolutionary New Controller

Our air skid controller has been completely re-imagined, allowing it to be carried by the operator during equipment moves or placed on the ground in an upright or horizontal position. An optional “deadman” safety pendant mounts to the controller handle, allowing the operator to energize/de-energize the entire system with the touch of a button.

Steel Air Skid

Steel Air Skid

Airfloat air skids allow for the safe movement of your materials. Air skids, placed under a load for movement, can be used to move almost anything, including sensitive, high precision machinery. Available in a range of sizes and capacities, our air skids are durable, lightweight and built for years of trouble-free operation.

Lift Glide Air Skid

Lift Glide Air Skid

Lift Glide air skids are designed to easily attach to fully loaded carts or dollies that are too difficult to move using the existing wheels. Simply bolt Lift Glides onto the fixture and connect the air hoses. Turn on the air, and the Lift Glides extend down to lift the wheels off the floor. Supported on air bearings, the dolly can be easily moved in any horizontal direction.

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