Air Platforms

Move Heavy Loads Easily on a Film of Air. Air Platforms Offer Cushioned, Near Frictionless Movement.

Airfloat Air Platform

Airfloat Utility Platform allows an operator to efficiently move pallets or any large heavy load up to 80,000 lbs with ease. Using Air Caster technology, Air Platforms provide near friction-free movement in any direction, making them an alternative to wheeled carts and forklifts for moving pallets and heavy loads. Our platforms also feature a retractable guide wheel, which makes maneuvering large loads easier. As with all of our product lines, our Air Platforms are designed and made in America with full steel construction.



  • Up to 80,000 lb. Capacity
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Low Profile Design
  • Omnidirectional Movement
  • Increased productivity
  • Low initial cost and low maintenance
  • Operates on shop air
  • designed for operator safety

Air Caster Utility Platform in Action

Yellow Utility Platform

8000 lbs Air Caster Utility Platform

Air Caster Utility Platform

Air Caster Utility Platform

Gray Roll transporter

4000 lbs Air Caster Roll Platform

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