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Airfloat applies air bearing (or “air caster”) technology and innovative design to move and position anything from a 200-ton locomotive to placing a pallet or basket of parts at the ergonomically-correct position along your assembly line. Airfloat solves problems in your workspace with devices that increase your efficiency with easier, faster, and safer material movement.

A History of Engineering and Innovation

Air bearing technology used to move F-15

An F-15 rests on Airfloat assembly transporters circa 1985.

Airfloat was founded in 1967 with a focus on providing engineering solutions through air bearings technologies. The original air caster  development took place at GM by an engineering group that experimented with the friction-free results of movement with air. The original use, which remains a very prominent use, was to move heavy loads within plant operations. When GM developed a loss of focus on the mass-market appeal of the air casters, a GM engineer by the name of David Snoeyenbos secured the rights to the technology and started Airfloat in Decatur, Illinois.

Today Airfloat continues to operate and manufacture air bearing and material handling solutions at the Decatur corporate facility. Sales are both domestic and international, with our sales office located in St. Louis, MO.

The Airfloat philosophy is to work together as a team to effectively implement the best solution, on the best schedule, at the best price.

To enhance manufacturing organization and focus, solutions are supported through AutoCad, Pro-Engineering and Solid Works capabilities. Of the 50 employees, ten are engineers.

Vision & Focus

IMEC logoToday’s processing environment is all about accomplishing the highest degree of efficiencies, or lean manufacturing. Airfloat answers this growing need with a full line of standard and custom engineered air-equipped products. Movement becomes faster, less expensive, and more proficient by using our air bearing solutions.

The Airfloat philosophy is to work together as a team to effectively implement the best solution, on the best schedule, at the best price. This “Q3” philosophy drives Airfloat to perform our best through quality employees, quality products and quality customers.

This way of thinking has made Airfloat the proven leader in supplying innovative material handling solutions to a diverse range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, heavy construction, heavy electrical, mobile-home, pharmaceutical and food.

Our People

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