Container Handling

Simplify container handling while improving productivity and enhancing safety with air caster technology.

Airfloat Shipping Container HandlingCustom Solutions for Shipping Container Moving

When shipping containers or other equipment needs to be moved or reconfigured, traditional casters or Hilman rollers can’t touch the simplicity and versatility of air bearings (or “air casters”). At Airfloat, we develop custom solutions for container transport utilizing powerful, affordable and proven air caster technology—a technology that approximately 92% of Fortune 500 companies have leveraged during our 40 year history.

Air Bearing-Enabled Shipping Container Movers

As an end-to-end solution provider, our custom-designed container movers empower lean manufacturing with omnidirectional air bearing skids that:

From design and fabrication to assembly and maintenance, Airfloat delivers flexible solutions for moving shipping containers and other items safely and easily. When you want the safest, most ergonomically correct way to move and position heavy loads—regardless of industry—you want Airfloat’s air caster technology.

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